Camper Video Blog: Luke Massongill

Luke Massongill, 13 from Ripley First UMC, talks about his favorite mission site.

Camper Post: Thomas Burns

My experience during this long and exhilarating weekend included my mission team traveling to the Merryman House. For those who don’t know of this place, it is a housing area for people who have suffered from domestic… Continue reading

Camper Video Blog: Cayly Gerle

Cayly Gerle, age 12 from Trinity UMC, shares her favorite part of camp.

Camper Video Blog: Jeremiah Olson

Jeremiah Olson, age 14 from McKenzie First UMC, talks about his experience serving at the Active Day Adult Day Care.

PHOTOS: What happened Sunday?

Sunday was unusual for PUMP. It started with devotional time spent by the Ohio River, and then students had the unprecedented opportunity to attend a service at Broadway UMC during camp. According to… Continue reading

Camper Post: Timothy Dillon

I met a kid named Amhed at New Pathways for Children. I saw God in how he was so happy with his life, even if it wasn’t the ideal home most children would… Continue reading

Camper Post: Brianna Spencer

There was a mission that we went to Friday, and it was such a great experience. New Pathways for Children helps kids whose parents are incarcerated or unable to care for them. The people that… Continue reading

VIDEO: Worship at the Park

Saturday night, students enjoyed worship under a pavilion in Noble Park. Here’s a glimpse of the service.

Photos: What Happened Saturday?

On Saturday, campers put in another day of work, cleaning up the sidewalks around Starfish Orphan Ministry, painting houses with Midtown Alliance of Neighbors, washing cars to raise money for New Pathways children’s… Continue reading

VIDEOS: The Pajama Lip Sync Battle

Friday night was Pajama Night–complete with “pajama worship” and a lip sync battle. We loved all the performances, but here are a few highlights. The Slamming’ Salmon perform Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always… Continue reading