Calling All Campers: PUMP 2017 Has a Theme!

From July 16-21, PUMP campers will put down their phones and explore a new kind of call. The 2017 Paducah Urban Mission Plunge will delve into John 3:1a, which says, “See what kind of… Continue reading

2017 Project: Grace UMC

In 2017, we plan to help Grace UMC with a few construction projects. The whole camp will work together at the same mission site! Pray the logistics come together smoothly, and take a… Continue reading

Announcing: 2017 PUMP Dates!

Are you ready for another year of the Paducah Urban Mission Plunge? Get out your calendar and mark off July 16-21. We’re reverting back to the Sunday through Friday camp schedule, and we’re in… Continue reading

Camper Video Blog: Luke Massongill

Luke Massongill, 13 from Ripley First UMC, talks about his favorite mission site.

Camper Post: Thomas Burns

My experience during this long and exhilarating weekend included my mission team traveling to the Merryman House. For those who don’t know of this place, it is a housing area for people who have suffered from domestic… Continue reading

Camper Video Blog: Cayly Gerle

Cayly Gerle, age 12 from Trinity UMC, shares her favorite part of camp.

Camper Video Blog: Jeremiah Olson

Jeremiah Olson, age 14 from McKenzie First UMC, talks about his experience serving at the Active Day Adult Day Care.

PHOTOS: What happened Sunday?

Sunday was unusual for PUMP. It started with devotional time spent by the Ohio River, and then students had the unprecedented opportunity to attend a service at Broadway UMC during camp. According to… Continue reading

Camper Post: Timothy Dillon

I met a kid named Amhed at New Pathways for Children. I saw God in how he was so happy with his life, even if it wasn’t the ideal home most children would… Continue reading

Camper Post: Brianna Spencer

There was a mission that we went to Friday, and it was such a great experience. New Pathways for Children helps kids whose parents are incarcerated or unable to care for them. The people that… Continue reading