Monday at PUMP Camp

PUMP-80s square

Click the image to see photos from Monday at camp!

If you’re a PUMP parent, you should be proud! Our campers worked long and hard yesterday. Some scraped paint off an old house. Some cleaned a nonprofit organization’s front steps. Some chopped more heads of cabbage than they could count.

Here’s the ministry breakdown:

Team Hulk Smash: Worked at the Community Kitchen, preparing and serving food to kitchen patrons. Their job involved so much cabbage chopping that they renamed themselves “Team Hulk Smash … Cabbage.”

Team Bubble Gum Bazooka: Served in the PUMP Agape Ministry. This is a free-form type of service that involves cleaning the church and taking care of small tasks for the camp. It also includes a trip to Etcetera Coffeehouse, so it’s popular.

Team Bubble Guppies/Team Good Newsies: Served with Midtown Alliance of Neighbors. They scraped paint off the home of a local resident in need.

Team Red Robin: Served at the A.C.T.S. Ministry. They sorted clothes and other donated items.

Team Anemones: Unfortunately, this team arrived at their assigned nonprofit to find a big “Closed” sign on the door. So, they played team-building games and returned to Broadway to help Bubble Gum Bazooka with Agape.

Team 7Up: Served at Starfish Orphan Ministry. Some students cleaned the building’s entryway and some organized donated items. Three campers got to help set up beds for local children who didn’t have any. Because of their work, two Paducah kids no longer have to sleep on floors.

In the afternoon, teams visited nursing homes and worked with Build-A-Bed to construct more beds for area children. During our debrief session, several students talked about the people they met while they served and the glimpses of God they saw throughout the day. Some met and loved spunky old ladies at the nursing homes, and some simply loved knowing their work was making a difference in Paducah.

Monday’s worship service focused on the concept of identity in Christ, and Rev. Anthony and Jessica Schaeffer, from Trinity UMC in Mayfield, Ky., spoke about grounding your sense of self-worth in Jesus.

The day ended with a trip back in time to a decade these campers never experienced. We could tell you all about our amazing ‘80s dance, but we’ll let you just watch the videos and see the fun yourself.