Tuesday at PUMP Camp

Click here to see photos from Tuesday!

Click the image to see photos from Tuesday!

Nothing wakes up a teenager like two inches of water. Flash flooding covered the Paducah area Tuesday morning, and water started seeping into Broadway UMC’s basement, where the guys were sleeping. Around 5:30 a.m., they started frantically dragging their air mattresses and clothes upstairs. Fortunately, the minor flood ruined nothing but their sleep.

The boys recovered like pros, though, and at 9 a.m., they joined the girls and headed out to their mission sites.

Team Hulk Smash: Like always, they served at the Community Kitchen. They even made up their own work song, which you can watch in the video at the bottom of the page.

Team Bubble Gum Bazooka: Served at Starfish Orphan Ministry. They sorted donated clothes and worked with Build-A-Bed to construct beds for local children in need.

Team Bubble Guppies: Served at Hope Unlimited. They helped prepare for a fundraising event that uses baby bottles as donation receptacles.

Team Good Newsies: Served in PUMP’s Agape ministry. This is an unstructured ministry time in which students perform various tasks for the camp and then enjoy a special trip to Etcetera Coffeehouse. Yesterday, the Newsies cleaned Broadway UMC.

Team Red Robin: Served at the A.C.T.S. Ministry. They sorted donated clothes and items.

Team Anemones: Served with the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors. They scraped paint off the home of a local resident in need.

Team 7Up: Served at Paducah Cooperative Ministry. They sorted items for the organization’s food pantry.

After mission sites, students rested and enjoyed free time. Some played soccer and basketball; some watched a movie and some jammed on the church pianos. Many napped.

In the evening, the whole camp traveled out to Trinity UMC in Mayfield, Ky., for dinner, and Trinity church members served them a smorgasbord of fried shrimp and chicken with fries and watermelon. For desert, the cooks fried Oreo cookies. The food put smiles on kids’ faces and clogs in leaders’ arteries.

The campers also explored the concept of spiritual family that night through a short devotional and through a worship service at Trinity. They discussed what makes a spiritual family and how the Church—the Body of Christ—fits into it. Broadway youth workers Rebecca O’Brien and Cody Greene spoke about the hardships they’ve endured in their own, biological families and how their church families have supported them. They said God encouraged them through their church families when their biological families struggled.

Brothers and sisters in Christ gave Rebecca and Cody a sense of home.

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