Wednesday at PUMP Camp


Click the image to see photos from Wednesday!

Wednesday was lovely!

“Love” was the theme for the camp devotion and worship lesson, so team leaders began their groups’ mission site work with prayer and brief discussions on the topic. They encouraged students to think throughout the day about how God feels about them.

Then, campers got busy. Here’s the breakdown:

Team Hulk Smash: Served at the Community Kitchen again. Made up of the oldest campers, Hulk Smash members have become experts on cooking and serving in bulk.

Team Bubble Gum Bazooka: They cleaned out a storage closet for Reidland UMC in Paducah, Ky. Mitch Coy, Reidland UMC’s coordinator of youth and children’s ministries, said the job would have taken him a month, but students nearly completed it in two hours.

Team Bubble Guppies: Served with Midtown Alliance of Neighbors. They scraped paint off the home of someone in need. They built on work other teams performed throughout the week.

Team 7Up: Served at the A.C.T.S. Ministry. They sorted clothing and other donated items.

Team Anemones: Served with PUMP’s Agape ministry. This is an unstructured ministry assignment during which students perform various tasks for the camp. It also includes a trip to Etcetera Coffeehouse, a camper favorite.

Team Red Robin: Served at Hope Unlimited. They sorted and folded clothing for the organization’s thrift store.

Team Good Newsies: Served at Starfish Orphan Ministry. They sorted clothing and toys and helped build beds with Build-A-Bed. One of the regular Starfish volunteers cried because she felt so moved that youth would donate their time to the organization.

Fountain Avenue UMC graciously provided nachos for lunch. Then, unfortunately, rain ruined plans to spend the afternoon at Dixon Springs State Park. Campers spent the afternoon at Broadway UMC dancing, playing games, playing soccer, napping and more before heading to Nobel Park for devotion, worship and dinner.

The park was beautiful last night. Surrounded by trees, campers read their devotional books with leaders and discussed difficult topics, like how God could love us if He lets bad things happen. Then, during worship, Mitch Coy spoke about three different types of love and the need for Christians to love others. Students and leaders took communion just after the sun set.

The day ended on an upbeat note. Back at the church, Mitch led an event with games ripped off of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The activities even included Egg Russian Roulette, which required students to smash eggs on their heads. Some were boiled and some weren’t. Students had to pick eggs at random, and the students who smashed raw ones lost.

For some strange reason, campers couldn’t wait to play.