2016 Packing List!

(We provide a journal and pen.)
Water bottle clearly marked with your name
Sunscreen and bug spray
Clothes that can get dirty–or nice clothes will get dirty
Closed toe shoes for mission sites
Flip flops for shower shoes
Bathing suit and towel
Shower towel
Soap/shampoo/tooth care/deodorant
Air mattress (twin) with covers of choice/pillow
Comfortable clothing
Quarters for coke machine if you want sodas
Any needed medications–youth leaders will be over their student’s medications.
Pajama Party–We will have a pajama party one evening…wear your favorite (appropriate) sleepwear.

The youth leaders will be in charge of taking their students to Etc. Coffee/Tea Shop during free time.  Students will not be allowed to go without their youth leader.  This is an extra expense per student.  Each drink runs around $5.


No one will be able to leave campus without his/her youth leader or the consent of Rebecca O’Brien.


*Any waivers that might need to be signed for individual mission sites will be sent out in the near future.