Camper Post: Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns

My experience during this long and exhilarating weekend included my mission team traveling to the Merryman House. For those who don’t know of this place, it is a housing area for people who have suffered from domestic violence in the past and who have come forward to find safe shelter. Although we only visited them for two days, our hearts were filled with their kindness and generosity.

The first day we visited, we were greeted at the door with smiles and decorations all around the shelter. Throughout that day, we mingled with the adults and gained an insight into nearly each of their lives. We even had one woman confide in one of our PUMP Camp students about the loss of her family. Once this was heard, we prayed for this woman’s healing and for her valiant will to keep on going when times get hard. That is just a glimpse of what God can do to a person. No matter how hard the times may get, no matter how difficult the obstacles may seem, God’s power and love is enough to make any man/woman fight for another day. His might and His glory shine over us daily, and there is no limit to how much He loves his children.

On the second and final day at the Merryman House, we helped them out and cleaned the whole area. From picking up garbage and fallen branches to painting their patio furniture, we could all feel God’s presence over us. We knew that we were doing a really good thing by helping them and giving them another reason to never lose faith in the Lord. Once the people of the residence came outside to witness our hard work, a few of them teared up as they saw their nice and colorful décor outside. The looks on their satisfied faces was enough to let us know that what we do as youth today will have a great impact on someone later. Although this was a great moment in our lives, it is only a glimpse of what young adults can accomplish through God. His will was carried out in us this weekend and will remain, so we can leave and live on another day as His young disciples. His love swells through us and because of it, we can do great things.

-Thomas Burns, 17, Alamo First United Methodist