About PUMP Camp

PUMPFlierphotoPaducah Urban Missions Plunge (PUMP Camp) is a one week mission camp for students (6th grade and up) in Paducah, KY, situated right in the center of the Heartland. Whether you live in Paducah, in the surrounding area, or beyond…you will be impacted by the opportunity to be a missionary in a town that feels like home. In addition to serving alongside long-term community missionaries in non-profit ministries across the region, you will also be confronted with the fact that making missions a part of our daily lives is not only a real possibility, it is commanded by God. Add to this the enlivening worship and relevant teaching, and you get a life-changing week.

While being directly endorsed by the United Methodist Church, PUMP Camp is a product of the collaboration of various local churches, denominations, and ministries.

Jesus’ last command to his disciples before ascending to heaven was to make disciples in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.” We are used to taking mission trips to the Ozark Mountains or the hurricane-tormented Mississippi coast–or even Mexico, or another country across an ocean or two. And helping those areas are important. After all, Jesus included “Judea” (the disciples’ nation) and “the ends of the earth” in the list of targets for their new-found missionary activity.

What gets left out of the equation more often than not is missional activity in our “Jerusalem”–in our own backyard. After Jesus gave the disciples the Great Commission, they didn’t immediately start taking trips to Greece, Rome, and Asia. They focused on their home, on Jerusalem–and thousands of unbelievers became Christians because of it. Then when the local Jews had their fill of this new Christian movement and ran the Believers out of Jerusalem, it wasn’t hundreds of Christ-followers that poured out of Judea as missionaries–it was tens of thousands!

Whether you are a seasoned mission-trip-goer, or a first-timer…when given the opportunity to be a missionary in your own area (perhaps in your hometown), your life will never be the same.