What Makes PUMP Different?

PUMP Camp is not your normal missions week.

You’ve been on youth mission trips before… You work for four days building a house–or painting a church–or doing a vacation bible school. Then comes the final night, “Decision Night.” You ask your students, “How can we take what we’ve learned this week and apply it to our lives back home?” Various ideas are thrown out, and students vow that they will live their lives differently from that point forward.

Then you do return home. Your students want to take what they learned and apply it to their every day lives. But in the course of their normal schedules, they don’t have the weekly opportunity to help build a house, or paint a church, or lead a vacation bible school. And so, they quickly slide back into their normal routines…and a month later, your youth mission trip has had little affect on their spiritual lives.

This is where Paducah Urban Missions Plunge is different from other mission trips. Everything your students will do during their week with us will be activities that they can make a part of their normal lives.

For those of you in the Paducah area, your students will be serving with community ministries that are constantly in need of volunteers. Students will begin relationships with local non-profits and their clientele that they can continue to develop over the following months or years. For example, your student may serve at a soup kitchen, a reduced-cost clothing outlet, or an AIDS clinic and develop a passion to help the needy in our area…urging them to continue to volunteer on their own after the week is over. Even students not from the Paducah area can take their new-found passion for serving others and get involved in non-profit ministries in their own hometown.

Also, this year we will be adding a “missionary training” component to our week, teaching your students and leaders how to be missionaries in their daily lives…how to approach every personal interaction as an opportunity to be used by God in the lives of those around them. Your students will learn how to turn playing ball at the park, attending a school athletic event, or simply eating lunch at the cafeteria into an opportunity to be a missionary.

Whether you are from West Kentucky or not, we all have the chance to “go on mission” with Jesus.

Let us show your students how…